Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Catch-Up : Grandma Wright's Birthday

It is truly embarrassing that we haven't been to visit our relatives in Indiana in at least a couple years. With Grandma Wright's birthday around the corner in February, we thought a visit was finally in order!

In addition to bringing tons of food to cook for the masses over birthday weekend, Jacque brought Grandma this beautiful necklace...

In honor of Mark (of Mark and Diane), our hosts for the weekend, Jacque was going to make Mark his favorite dessert - angel food cake. We did run into a few issues (smoke filled oven!) but it turned out delicious in the end!

Jacque brought decorations so the whole family, including Brittany's three beautiful kids, could help with making the den perfect for Grandma's birthday celebration. We were excited to have all sorts of family on-hand, including Heath's cousin Nathan and Steve and Liz with their three kids...

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