Friday, October 29, 2010

Great Catch-Up : My birthday

This year, it was the birthday that kept on giving. The day before was spent in NYC, after Gil and Rachel's wedding (photos to come). Heath and I walked through the city, found a great little sports bar and watched the Chief's beat the 49ers.

[sports bar fun]

The next day, Heath headed back to Chicago, so I had a fantastic dinner with my boss and a couple colleagues at a funky Italian restaurant in Tribeca called Il Matto. No photos from the evening, but trust me - it was DELICIOUS.

When I did get home, I had a lovely dinner at a new Brazilian restaurant in the city with Heath and my fabulous in-laws. Again, no photos, but very tasty.

What DO I have photos of? My last big surprise of the week... After dinner at one of our favorite new places in Pilsen — Decolores — I was a little surprised when a lot of friends needed to head out early, but figured it was a lot to ask for people to hang out late on the southside. Imagine my surprise when Heath and I return home to a roomful of those same friends, a few more, cake and the "signature drink" of the evening: Strawberry Basil Mojitos. It was a big surprise and a lot of fun. Heath deserves major kudos for planning it all under my nose and, with the help of the Decostanzas, pulling it off.

[from the dinner]

Great Catch-Up : Utah, baby!

In the midst of all my work-related travel, some trips are more fun than others. For example, this year I got to head back to Utah - rapidly becoming a favorite travel destination. With the wide variety of amazing outdoor activities, it's always an adventure.
[I'm covered in dirt, oh by the way]

This time around, I did a second round of ATV-ing and hiked down this gorgeous mountain. A real treat!

Great Catch-Up : Tiara comes to visit!

So we finally convince Tiara and Bryan to come visit, and all hell breaks loose. There were emergency room visits, flooding and flood clean up. Thankfully, to make up for it, there was tennis. :-)

The two main highlights of the weekend: Couples tennis and a girl's night of sushi and Eclipse.

It was a blast having them here!

Great Catch-Up : Ryan leaves for NYC

Earlier this summer (I know!), Ryan left Chicago to start his public policy program in NYC. With all the traveling we've had going on (and by we, I mean me), Heath and I were glad to be in town for his going away shin-dig.

Luckily, we still have Marissa in town to hang with while they work on selling their place.

We'll miss you, Ryan!